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they don't want to solve it they'll ignore you ♪ >> johnny cash must be smiling wherever he is. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> ♪ are we gone today i'll be back around the way seems like everywhere i go the more i've seen the less i know i know one thing that i love you baby i love you i love you ♪ >> so excited this morning to have them here. it's friday and that means the all american summer continues. he has the most catchiest, more danceable songs. we'll be out there shortly. >> along with spearhead. it will be about 195 degrees today, you know what? we're going to provide some early morning breakfast. if you're in the neighborhood around 48th and sixth avenue, stop by. >> baked beans.
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>> famous dave's is catering once again. >> this band has been here for four hours. they're all set to go. we could have come on an hour early because we're here already from the space shuttle launch could have just left our clocks at the same -- landing, i should say. at the same time and we could have started the concert series and make it a four hour concert. >> never lose. >> instead of a four hour concert, we have a three hour ali is going to make eyes at my suit. she saw me in the green room and she said oh, goodie. >> i'm so excited that once a year for the past, what is it, 30 years, you bust out this suit, your seersucker suit. that's how i know it is summer. when you get your perennial favorite out. i know, thank you. >> happy days are here again. mr. softie. >> you broke into this industry through vaudeville so this is almost like -- this is so perfect. >> joel, give me my -- >> dance our way out. >> it's going to be hot today.
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if i have to wear a suit, i'll wear this one. it's almost like wearing nothing at all. >> oh, ok! >> fantastic. >> wow! >> thank you. all right. more on his suit later. let's get right to your headlines because we have a fox news alert. we have breaking news for you. this is overnight from upstate new york where a tour bus crash has sent at least 20 people to the hospital. the bus collided with a semi on interstate 90 on the city of waterloo. they were taken to hospitals in the rochester area. we'll bring you more details as we have them. more than 100 million americans will be feeling the heat today as the worst heat wave in more than a decade continues to smother the midwest and the east coast. and guess what? it's expected to get even worse if you can imagine. temperatures will hang in the triple digits today and throughout the weekend and to make matters worse, cities like chicago and new york now experiencing rolling blackouts as air conditioners put a major strain on the power grid. we'll have more on this summer
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scorcher in a live report coming up in 20 minutes. history was made in georgia. a killer was put to death while cameras captured the execution. he was executed by lethal execution for murdering his parents and sister in 1993. his motive, insurance money. the execution was recorded at the request of lawyers in another case. they will argue on behalf of another inmate on death row saying the new drug formula is too painful. a nurse attending last night's execution gave no indication that he experienced any discomfort. just when you thought it was going to be resolved, the nfl labor situation hits snoer big snag. >> this is amazing, the owners say we've ratified a deal. let's play ball and open up the gates on saturday. the players say wait a second, we haven't read the whole thing. how dare you end the longest standout and lockout in this league without our permission? listen. >> we can all work quickly expeditiously and get this
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agreement done. it's time to get back to football. that's what everybody here wants to do. >> i've never seen anything like that. the players wanted more time to study the last minute changes. they have a lot more players than owners. now they feel a little stand-offish, the delay means camps won't open tomorrow, perhaps and the hall of fame game that is the official launch for the preseason which is the nfl season is canceled. and every week of preseason that is canceled, average loss of $200 million for players and owners. >> big deal. >> can't we all just get along? >> how can you end a fight without the other person's permission? how can you end a stand-off without the other person agreeing? you can't do that! >> speaking of a fight and stand-off, it continues in washington, d.c. yesterday, midday, everybody at this company's blackberry was going beep, beep, beep. there's a deal. there's a deal. there's a deal. there's no deal. here's boehner with rush.
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>> there's no deal. no deal publicly, no deal privately. there's absolutely no deal. >> there is no deal. we are not close to a deal. the president's position is opposition to a short term extension, a short term lifting of the debt ceiling remains firm. period. >> let's go inside the negotiations as they start. they evidently had the framework of a $3 trillion cut. evidently, there would be no revenue increases except for a promise to reform our tax system which they think eventually would show an increase in revenues. when democrats were told about this, they evidently hit the roof. the budget management director was in the middle of the firestorm taking the heat from reid, pelosi and company saying wait a second, we don't have to give in. >> and there are democrats angry they've been cut out of these negotiations. you've heard it was president obama and john boehner and eric cantor in the room. where are the democrats? but here's what's so confusing and confounding today.
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so you hear both sides saying no deal. no deal. "the new york times" is reporting this morning and carl hulz, great congressional reporter so it seems like you can take this to the bank. so that they're closing in on a deal. it's the one that brian just talked about. there's still word they're closing in on a deal. which is it? >> there isn't a deal. there's a bunch of deals they're talking about in washington. right. the latest one is the one between the president and john boehner. but now, keep in mind, there's already a deal that has been passed by the house of representatives. it's called cut, cap and balance. it has passed the house and now it looks like harry reid is probably going to vote on it later today. here's the thing about this particular thing. there's a brand new cnn poll out that shows even though harry reid and we're about to play some soundbites from him and kent conrad, he hates it. but take a look. only 1/3 of the country is opposed to this kind of a deal. 2/3 of the nation and this is a
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poll of adults. 2/3 of the country like this kind of thing despite the fact that the top democrats don't. listen. >> the american people should understand that this is a bad piece of legislation. perhaps some of the worst legislation in the history of this country. >> this half baked concoction of ideas that don't hold together, that don't add up, and that would actually further threaten the economic recovery. >> one other note about this particular poll by cnn, 63% of democrats and progressive, 63% like this kind of deal. >> but like that kind of deal but basically, they focused on balancing the budget if you're going to up the deficit but they're not saying the cut, cap and balance is -- they're going to support that specifically, they just like the idea of balancing the budget if you're going to raise it. >> absolutely. but correct me if i'm wrong, harry reid is not going to vote on it today. he's going to vote to kill it.
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>> on the rule. it will never come up -- the last thing he wants before his members to have to go on record is saying, we're opposed to a balanced budget amendment because that's what they would have to do. >> but they are. >> they're going to have to try to kill it. >> there's no difference against voting against not raiseing it and voting on the plan specifically. you can honestly say to your constituents you voted against balancing the budget. >> meanwhile, as you know, the president doesn't want a mini deal. he doesn't want something that only is a deal for a few weeks or a few months or a smaller deal. he has said that he wants the grand compromise. he wants the big deal. so he wrote an op ed piece about that. i think it's in "usa today" which you can read that basically, he wants a big deal. >> it's the same thing he's been -- >> i'm sorry, the same thing he's been saying in every single press conference. he just decided to type it out. >> sure. meanwhile, rush limbaugh was on the air today and he said look, republicans, you got the wind at your back right now with this cut, cap and balance business.
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don't cave. don't compromise. here's rushbo. >> compromise, ladies and gentlemen, losers compromise. winners do not compromise. the democrats 1-0. >> winners do not compromise! which is why i have been asking the republicans in the house and in the senate don't cave! you are the winners! you hold the cards. >> you know, rush did take a call from speaker boehner who called in to say, i don't know what the rumors you heard about a deal but there is no deal and in the op ed that president obama wrote, he said -- he cited bill o'reilly and warren buffet as two people who wanted the compromise on this and meet half way and the polls show, although, steve, you pointed out on the radio that it's skewed to too many democrats, the poll shows the president of the united states is winning the
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p.r. battle as coming off as the adult in the room and having the most balanced approach. >> at least in the media. that's the narrative they're trying to do. >> we have a great story for you about revenge. this is about a country singer named dale watson and he was in australia and he was trying to fly from melbourne to sydney for a music festival and he was flying tiger airlines. >> never heard of this. >> i hadn't either but it's a budget airline and now we know why. basically, they charged him $500 in excess baggage fees because he wanted to bring a big box of his c.d.'s to the music festival to sell. well, it was worth $3,000. they lost it! not only did they charge him the $500. they also lost his box! >> so one of the things he told the customer service person who he was filing out the form was, you know what? you're not going to reimburse me? i'm going to write a song. he wrote the song. here's his revenge. >> ♪ there goes tiger airways their we don't care ways
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got to complain? well stand in line got a problem? that's your problem they don't want to solve it they'll ignore you until you just run out of time ♪ >> i don't see him doing a commercial for this tiger airlines. >> that's great. i mean, if everybody can take out their revenge on the airlines by writing a song, if we all had voices like that, that's fantastic. >> it is. >> billy joel was your butler. i mean, that would make sense. hopefully we'll get this guy on and talk about it and give him some renumeration for his c.d.'s. that's that guy's entire career. i'm sure he met some nice people but that's not the point. >> exactly. e-mail us. in the meantime, straight ahead, one of the largest christian groups in the country dropping christ from its christian name. are they doing it to make nonchristians happy? we'll tell you the story and you will decide. >> then we beat russia to the moon but starting today, we have to beg the russians for a ride
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if we want to go back. are we taking one giant step backwards for mankind? >> i'll send you the moon, alice. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients alsoound in mother milk. purina puppy chow.
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>> much of the country is bracing for another day of dangerously high temperatures. fox's doug lazader is live from the national mall in washington, d.c. where it is expected to be in the triple digits. it's swamplike, isn't it, doug? >> we're heading that way pretty quickly. i think it's already in the 90's this morning. so believe it or not, you see people out here jogging already and, you know, this is the national mall, as you mentioned, leading up to the capitol there. if you look back this way, you have the washington monument and you'll see a few people out milling about already. this is the national mall so you have a lot of people out here through the course of the day tourists generally but today will be an interesting test.
3:16 am
we're look at triple digit temperatures through a good portion of the day and, you know, this is kind of being repeated around the country through a good portion of the east coast and parts of the midwest, too, places that are really not used to this kind of heat. that's why we're seeing fatalities already. you look even into the weekend and tomorrow, there's something like 45 states that have heat indices into the 90's. so this sweltering weather is going to be with us here for a few days. not much relief in sight. there are cooling stations in a number of communities but a lot of local governments have been hit hard through the course of the recession. they're having difficulty dealing with this. one place that's probably a good place to head here is right over here to the national air & space museum which is air conditioned. we're probably heading over there a little later and with that, i'll send it back to you guys in your, i'm sure, sweltering studios. >> no, it's actually very comfortable in here. but doug, we can't help but notice you're wearing shorts. we assume you'll be in a bathing suit for the next hit? >> i think this is going to be like removing a lariat a time throughout the course of the
3:17 am
day. >> we don't blame you. >> i should have started off with more, i guess. >> doug, thank you so much for showing us what it's like in washington, d.c. today. we'll check back in with you. let's go over to the guys. >> made it sound like he's playing strip poker with the news. >> i think so. >> meanwhile, the shuttle atlantis is home now ending an era of space exploration that started nearly 50 years ago with j.f.k. >> we choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard. because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills because that challenge is one that we're willing to accept. one we are unwilling to postpone and one we intend to win. >> that was a very good speech, by the way. would j.f.k. have approved of president obama's plans of the future of the program or lack thereof? joining us is the former
3:18 am
lieutenant marine corps colonel andy allen. >> are you distressed today? >> today it's a little bit of a sad day. it follows the bitter sweet of the last few days and the months that come up to today. i hate to see the space shuttle program go, yes. >> no kidding. i mean, our entire lives we've been part of the space race trying to keep up and beat the russians and we did and now, andy, the funny thing is now if we want to go up to the space station, we have to hitch a ride with the russians. people were complaining that the space shuttle was old. their program, their system is actually older than ours. >> absolutely. we're about a 30-year-old program and they're 50 years old. >> yeah. so what about the importance? what should people know about the importance of space exploration? why should we do it? not everyone can climb a mountain. why as in this country with this tough budget situation should we be focusing on mars, landing on an asteroid or going back to the moon? >> that's a very good question
3:19 am
and, of course, it's something that people ask on an almost daily basis but i guess my real answer to that is we have some pretty tough economic times and we all know that. we see it every day. we do know that we have expenses that exceed our income so that's a problem whether it's a household or a business or a country, we know that we have that issue. increasing income is a whole lot easier than decreasing expenses sometimes and the best way to increase income is with new technologies and driving technologies and technologies that are unthinkable technologies and that's kind of what you get out of exploration programs whether you are on plymouth rock trying to leave the needs of the technologies to get this across and create the united states of america or whether you're the plymouth rock of space exploration on this little planet on this little solar system on this far side of one galaxy where there's billions and billions of stars out there. >> and for right now, we'll have to let other people lead because we have gotten out of manned space flight business. all right. andy allen joining us today from
3:20 am
tulsa. thank you, sir, have a great weekend. >> thank you very much. >> and just a ton of people are out of a job. that's just the fact. i don't know how many people that helps. meanwhile, pranksters or perverts? you have two teams that were labelled as sex offenders for life who were dropping their drawers and doing a little bit more. did the long arm of the law reach too far? we'll debate it and keep our pants on. >> and he fathered a love child with a maid and lied to his wife for 14 years. now, arnold adding insult to injury. we'll explain. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right.
3:21 am
[ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off th freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. >> thanks dad.
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>> and call me--but not while u're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> it's the butt of the joke in
3:24 am
countless movies like this one. well, now, two real life teenagers have been busted for putting their bare bottoms on the faces of two schoolmates who were not obviously laughing and these two 14-year-olds are being labelled now as sex offenders for the rest of their life. but did the long arm of the law reach too far in this one? joining us for a debate is criminal defense attorney david schwartz and former prosecutor joey jackson. gentlemen, thanks so much for being here. >> good morning. >> so these two 14-year-old boys held down their 12-year-old schoolmate and they put their bare bottoms on these kids' heads. obviously, this goes beyond harmless horseplay. but does it rise to the level of where they should be punished.
3:25 am
>> for kids, kids that aren't fully developed yet, absolutely should be given a second chance. there should be counseling here but to label a child a sex offender for life is a ridiculous precedent. >> ridiculous, joey, what do i think? >> i don't think so. first of all, let's talk about a couple of things. number one, let's not so dismisssive of the conduct. horseplay, if you want to talk about that, we can talk about melting crayons on the radiator and talk about people chasing each other and throwing spitballs. sitting on the face of a 13-year-old is inappropriate. the legislature determines what's appropriate for registration, the legislature does not. they indicated that if you're 14 years old, 15, 16, whatever it is. you can be labelled the sex offender. the third point is they'll be low level sex offenders and finally, they can make application after a period of time to be removed from the registry. >> oh, that's --
3:26 am
>> 15 years? >> 15. that's a long time. let me read you an excerpt from megan's law, the law that you're referring. a sex offense should include the following. aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, aggravated sexual contact, kidnapping or attempt to commit any of these crimes. obviously, those are more heinous crimes than what it sounds like we're talking about here. david, this law was designed to keep kids away from predators. are these kids predators? >> absolutely. when people think of the sex offense violations in this country, when people think of megan's law, they think of the most violent in our society. they think of the people that we need to watch out for. they don't think of 14-year-olds playing a prank that went way out of control and certainly rose to the level of a crime. but to register them as sex offenders for life is just a precedent that makes no common sense and it defies logic. >> first of all, you have the legislature. the legislature enacted the law.
3:27 am
in the event they felt there should be an exception for this type of conduct, they would have created it. as a result of that, the appellate court who heard this issue made the assessment that they need to register. the other thing we have to hold into account and we need viewers to know this. there are three levels of sex offenders, the one level that they will be classified as is a tier 1, is the lowest level, the only one who will get notification as to their registry are law enforce mamene. not 2 level or 3 level where the internet or universe will be notified. >> it's our job to challenge the legislature, to challenge the laws that are illogical, unconstitutional and make no logical sense. >> write your congressman and write your state representative but the law is the law! >> you got it, gentlemen. and the offenders are trying to appeal their sentences in this case so we will keep the viewers posted. thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> firefighters and police being told give back half your pension or you could lose the whole thing. the man who is breaking that
3:28 am
news is here to defend himself and then, not old enough to vote or drink but he managed to take his parents' car for a joy ride. wait until you learn how he learned to drive. happy birthday to don henly. the eagles lead singer is 64 years old today. ♪ [ female announcer ] erybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra ft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ femalennouncer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft.
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>> shot the morning has been selected. steve looking down. good job, steve. congratulations. remember isaiah mustafa, the old spice guy? >> look at your man, now back to me. now back at your man. sadly, he isn't me. >> he's out! here's your new old spice guy. >> tropical breeze! >> what? >> are you kidding me? >> fabio, old spice. exciting victory. always fabio. >> and so confusing. >> so they have two? >> who do you prefer? the old, old spice guy or the new, new spice guy, fabio. >> i like fabio.
3:33 am
he's been on this program a couple of times. >> remember when he was on and i danced with him. >> yes, i did. brian had a highlight with him. we won't go into it right now. >> can't go over that again. >> no. >> all right. but i will say this, no matter who wins this, it's still old spice. which you really shouldn't -- are we still wearing that? >> steve is. >> obviously. he's whistling that. >> and his seersucker suit. >> the reason i'm wearing this seersucker suit is because it's so hot. we know that a million square miles of the country are baking. today and tomorrow, two of the hottest days in the united states across the country since 1950. what is your secret for keeping cool? lauren pedison said she saw one on television last night where people suggested and there she is right there, there's her hand waving. >> i've never seen her face. >> she's part of the witness relocation program. lauren said that she heard a tip for staying cool and that is this. before you go to bed, freeze
3:34 am
your sheets. >> oh, fantastic. >> freeze your sheets in the refrigerator or the freezer so they're nice and cold to keep cool all night long. >> fantastic. hey, mom, where's the frozen spinach? it's behind your pillow. >> it's over the comforter. so do you have a creative tip for staying cool? because a lot of people could use them. e-mail them to us at friends at or twitter us at and friends. >> the one summer i was the coolest is i worked in a refrigerator in a meat place but i was never sweating. >> thank you, mr. cleaver. >> we need to tell you about this story. that is one of the country's most prominent christian ministries is about to undergo a name change and it is dropping christ from its name. >> are you talking about campus crusade for christ international? >> yes. they want to change their name from campus crusade for christ international to crew in 2012.
3:35 am
and this is, obviously, arousing a lot of controversy because some people say why on earth would you drop christ from your name when you are in christian ministries? what the organization says is they've found their name has become an impediment and that crew, let's face it, sounds cooler and they're trying to reach out to college kids and high school kids and crew just sounds more accessible for the kids. >> if you're shopping at the gap. >> sure. >> and they are shopping at the gap. >> they are? >> yes. that's how they want to reach a wider net. >> you have a quote to read, steve? >> yes indeed, thank you very much, new spice man. they say we were not trying to eliminate the word christ from our name. we were looking for a name that would most effectively serve our mission and help us take the gospel to the world. we believe that our interaction and our communication with the world will be what ultimately honors and glorifies christ. they also say a lot of people around the world don't like the word crusade. >> right.
3:36 am
>> so you've got -- so they say ok, we have two problems in our name. christ and crusade. >> right. well, i mean, they said they're being too politically correct. >> kind of sounds like it. >> you should be proud of saying christ. >> all right. let's start with the headlines and move on. ruminate on that story for a little while and write us. >> hackers say they've stolen one gigabyte of sensitive info from nato servers. the group calling themselves anonymous tried to post the documents on line. their campaign to harass and humiliate prominent targets. >> meanwhile, stay on the job for three weeks now but this morning at 11:00 eastern time, leon panetta will take his official oath of office as secretary of defense. he got a job as part of the shift allowing robert gates to retire from his job. that move put general david petraeus in charge of the c.i.a. >> he fathered a love child with his maid and lied about it to his wife for 14 years. we think.
3:37 am
now, arnold schwarzenegger is adding insult to an injury, someone would say. he doesn't want to pay spousal support to his wife maria shriver and doesn't want to pay her lawyer fees either. the couple is worth $400 million but there's no prenup. >> a 7-year-old takes his parents' car on a wild joy ride. he decided to drive to his friend's house in louisville, kentucky. on the way back, he hit a neighbor's mailbox and smashed into his parents' air conditioning yunconditio conditioning unit and gas line. >> i knock on the door and nobody is there. i drive back and i sort of got in the yard, in our yard and hit that and that. >> how did you learn how to drive? >> video games. >> what? wyatt says he's learned his lesson. no one was hurt during his
3:38 am
underaged spin. that's good. right? >> let me just tell you what's happening in sports. a new twist in the beating of san francisco giants fan brian stowe. outside dodgers stadium in march. los angeles police now have arrested two men in connection with the stowe attack. they also believe the man originally arrested had nothing to do with it. stowe meanwhile had to undergo emergency surgery this week as fluid built up in his brain. he remains in serious condition at a san francisco hospital and there's a lot of drama in the majors this year over foul balls and fans. but we finally have a feel good story. a young kid dropping a ball that a player tosses to him at a diamondbacks game. the older kid ended up getting it. older kid notices how sad the younger kid is so he goes and gives him the ball back. for his good deed, the kid was invited up to the broadcast booth and given autographed bats
3:39 am
and balls. life is so simple. >> steve? >> always changing. >> we have to look to the past to find what doesn't change. our name was snow flower. >> based on the best selling book by the same name, the film "snow flower and the secret fan" is the tale of two modern day chinese women learning about hope and friendship and love through an antique white fan that belonged to their 19th century ancestors. and we are joined by the star of the new film. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> ok. we know the fan is important. and we know that these are two friends. what's on the fan? >> what's on the fan? there's a chinese culture, it's a secret language just between women. >> ok. so it is something that was written on in the 19th century by two other fantastic friends,
3:40 am
right? >> yes. yes. >> and that's really what this movie is about. it's about friendship that lasts a lifetime. >> yes, and the movie talk about two girls, their friendship and the friendship -- and the friendship is very subtle and special. and, you know, the two girls, their whole life, put their emotion and put their emotion to protect the friendship. >> so with the white fan, the girls back in 19th century china, they were isolated from each other from time to time so they would write on the fan and pass the message to each other, right? >> yes, yes. very secret. and the language only between the women. men would not understand. >> that's interesting. all right. this movie, i've seen portions of it, it looks fantastic. and it's great, you're so good in it. is it true -- and we should point out, bing bing is one of
3:41 am
the biggest stars in all of china. it's great to have her on the program. is it true you weren't interested to become an actress but went to school to become a teacher? >> that's true. when i -- when i was in 1993, i went to the college. i went to college but this college in shanghai and after i graduated, i become a true actress. but when i went to this -- the college, i never thought i'm going to be an actress. i just go there for my parents because i think not only chinese parents, they want their children to be at least a college student but also in the u.s., the whole world, they both hope they have what it takes to be a college student at least, right? >> a lot of parents want their kids to go to college. >> yeah, i just finish my parents hope to go to this college.
3:42 am
>> well, they've got to be very, very proud because you are a fantastic actress. >> maybe. >> you are very good. and the new movie is it's going to be a big hit. it's called "snow flower and the secret fan." thank you very much for joining us. >> man, that looks excellent. meanwhile, straight ahead, did airport security go too far? coming up, the boy scout leader thrown in jail for forgetting about his spare bullet in his travel bag! he will be here live. then, firefighters and cops being told give back half your pension or you can lose the whole thing. the guy who is breaking the news here next to defend that move. every day, all around the world,
3:43 am
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3:46 am
stand by. and the space shuttle program may be over but nasa plans to launch another mars rover in the fall. the agency is set to announce today where on mars it will land. mr. kilmeade? let's land over in rhode island. >> yeah, you have a rhode island city on the bank of bankruptcy and calling on police and firefighters to give up at least 10% of their pensions, in some cases half their pensions will be slashed. is this the right way to save cities from financial disaster? is there a choice? robert flanders is the state appointed receiver in charge of central falls, rhode island. robert, what is -- what is going to be your plan going forward to get your fiscal house in order? >> the plan going forward is to try to get a balanced budget for the city. right now, we have a $17 million budget and we've got a $5 million operating deficit that we have to deal with so the plan is to reduce our expenses so that they approximate our revenues and somehow bridge this gap that we have of a $5 million
3:47 am
operating deficit. >> and this is one story of what many cities are facing the same thing so it's become a national story because of it. you closed your library. you closed your community center. you bring in 100 firefighters retired and police officers, and told them the money you're receiving is not going to be the same size check very shortly. what was their reaction? >> well, naturally, there was concern. they listened very politely and we told them that we simply didn't have enough money to continue to fund their pensions at the levels they had been experiencing. and naturally, they were wondering how this is going to affect them individually and we were simply asking them at this point if they would consider giving up part of their pensions and accepting a new health care plan in order to help the city save money and meet its budget. >> wow, let me go over some of the things that you've outlined to them because one of the things you said to them, if you don't accept this increase, you might not get anything at all. retirement age to 60 with a
3:48 am
minimum of 10 years service for full pension. retirees must work a minimum of 25 years to full pay at 40% of compensation regardless of your age. and this is your proposal, early retirees face pension reduction unless they have 25 years on the job. now, retirees right now pay 20% of their medical coverage, is that correct? >> no. this would be new. >> that would be new. ok. >> we would be upping -- that's another cost they would have urged the new health care plan. >> this is everybody's nightmare. you project what it's going to take to sustain you the rest of your life during your retirement years and you find out your pension is not coming through. who is the one who put these pension plans together in the first place that made them seem as though they'd be sustainable? where did the floor come out? >> well, this has been a long time in the making. this is a situation that developed over many years where benefits were continued to be
3:49 am
given to the employees in the city and no one was really funding the plans the way they needed to be funded in order to make it work. and consequently, the city now has an $80 million unfunded pension liability and health care liability to its retired population and this on a $17 million budget. it's obviously not sustainable and something has to be done. >> right and when do the firefighters and cops going to get back to you, the retired ones? >> we asked them to get back to us by next week, next friday, i believe, is the day we're going to hear from them. >> robert, we'll track this story because like i said, a lot of cities are dealing with the same thing and it's not a pretty situation but i'm glad you're addressing it. robert flanders, thanks. >> thank you very much. >> ok. coming up straight ahead, this scout leader thrown in jail because he didn't realize he had a spare bullet in his fannie pack. shouldn't we be out there catching terrorists instead of scout leaders? that scout leader will be here next. and he's not even running for president. but rick perry giving mitt
3:50 am
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>> listen to this story. a boy scout leader thrown in jail because he didn't realize he had a spare bullet in his fannie pack. >> he went on a scuba diving trip to the bahamas with his son. when he left, airport screeners found a .32 caliber bullet in his fannie pack. he says it was just a mistake. he joins us now from kansas city. good morning. >> good morning. >> how did this bullet end up in your fannie pack? >> i really do not know. it should have been in a magazine, it should have been put away when i got home from
3:54 am
the hunting trip or the shooting range. >> ok, so you wind up -- you leave kansas city. and you go down to the bahamas. oh, there's the bullet right there. a bullet like that. right? >> this is the exact replica. >> .32 caliber. so the story is you were in kansas city, you flew to the bahamas. tsa in kansas city didn't find anything. that didn't show up that was in your fanny pack and you get to the bahamas and go scuba diving and on the way out, their security people find that. what did they do to you? >> they told me to step aside and i waited and they immediately turned me over to the bahamian police. >> where you stayed in jail for how long? >> four days. >> so obviously, you had no idea that that little .32 caliber bullet was in your fanny pack. it was from a previous hunting trip, as you just said. what's so ironic about this
3:55 am
story is we've heard of so many other bigger, more lethal items because you didn't have a gun with you so the bullet was just loose. we've heard of a stun gun recently getting through airport security without them noticing it. it's sort of incredible that they did find this little bullet in your pack. do you fault the airport officials for pulling you aside and arresting you? >> i don't know what to think about it, actually. i was quite stunned when they pulled it out. i had no idea it was there. >> sure. for instance, had the tsa, darrell, spotted it in kansas city, they probably would have said you have a bullet right there and they would have taken it away from you and talked to you and then let you continue on your flighted. they would not have put you in jail. >> no. >> which is what they did in the bahamas. here's a statement from the tsa. they say while loose ammo remains a prohibited item, it will not cause damage on an
3:56 am
airplane and don't bring it. would you go back to the bahamas given the way they treated you? >> yes and i would check my bags thoroughly. >> is that the lesson that you've taken away from this whole experience? >> yes. i may be taking my bags to a radiologist before i pack. >> radiologist, that's probably a good idea. >> well, we're glad that it all worked out and glad you were sprung. joining us today from the beautiful city of kansas city, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. so many people have written in to us via e-mail about the irony of all of this. that he gets arrested, thrown in jail when so many other items have gone through tsa. >> plus tsa which we're spending billions and billions of dollars on, they don't spot it but the guys in the bahamas, they do. >> that's the problem. the feds' latest move infuriating attorneys for jared loughner. why they're crying foul for the only suspect in the tucson shooting. >> president obama thinks he'll
3:57 am
be re-elected just for trying. will americans really forgive him if they still can't find a job? [ male announcer get ready for e left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs.
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>> good, hot morning to everyone. it's friday, july 22nd. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. brace yourself for a triple digit scorcher. 100 million americans are in for even more dangerous extreme heat today and now, talk of international -- sorry, intentional blackouts. we'll explain what that means for you. >> all right. could these two just settle the score? insiders say there's a deal between president obama and speaker boehner and it's not making many people happy. >> hello. >> were you thinking about grilling this summer? be careful if you don't do it right, you might get sued. over the barbecue.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two starts now. >> ♪ hey i'll be gone today but i'll be back around the way seems like everywhere i go the more i've seen the less i know but i know one thing that i love you baby ♪ >> look at that. hot time summer in the city. >> we have michael francis here, you're listening to his so catchy, such a catchy song and such a finningable show. -- singable show. >> why he plays without shoes on, and how his appendix exploding helped him name a song. >> no kidding. >> yes, we've got lots to talk to him about. >> thank you very much. and just trying to lay it out there. if the free food isn't enough,
4:02 am
the free music is. >> exactly. we're delighted that you're joining us on this friday and frying day across the country, good day to stay inside and watch cable news. >> yes and we will invite you down to midtown, too, if you want to hear the music. right to your headlines. we start with a developing story overnight. this brand new video into our newsroom from another tour bus crash. this one happened in upstate new york. this bus crashed into a tractor-trailer on interstate 90 near the city of waterloo. both vehicles went up in flames. at least 20 people were hurt and taken to area hospitals and at least two people had to be air lifted. earlier this week, another tour bus crashed in upstate new york leaving two people dead and a killer put to death while cameras captured this execution. this is the first time that this has been done. andrew deyoung was executed by lethal injection in georgia for murdering his parents and sister in 1993. his motive was insurance money. while the execution was recorded
4:03 am
at the request of lawyers in another case. they argue -- they will argue on behalf of another inmate on death row saying the new drug formula is too painful. a nurse attending last night's execution gave no indication that deyoung experienced anymore discomfort. tucson shooting suspect jared loughner being forced to take anti-psychotic medications despite a court order against it. that claim coming from loughner's attorney who wants it stopped now. prison officials say the meds are necessary to control loughner's violent schizophrenia. the nfl lockout drama. tell us what's going on. >> the owners approve the end of a lockout in atlanta and everybody thought, ok, it's over. late last night, the players balked. they want more time to look at the last minute changes. they were stunned that the owners declared this entire thing over and took a vote before they could take a vote. and they said it's not sitting well with the owners. >> we're waiting on them and, you know, it's been a long
4:04 am
negotiation and no one got everything that they wanted so it's probably a fair deal and so now we hope they'll act quickly so our players can get in the facility and we can start practicing. >> the players could vote on the deal later on today. but will they? the delay means camp likely won't open tomorrow as the owners declared yesterday and i will say this, sadly, the hall of fame game that officially kicks off the new season canceled already. so it's really strange to be in a fight with somebody and to declare the fight over while the other person is still sitting there saying what do you mean it's over? i'm still fighting and it's the longest lockout in nfl history already. >> 100 million americans bracing for another scorcher as the worst heat wave in more than a decade continues to smother the country. >> doug lazader is live in the national mall in washington, d.c. much whaet the temperature now, doug? >> you know, it's climbing up there and i assume in the interest of solidarity that you have shot off the air conditioner in the studio, right? >> absolutely. but we have a moon roof and we
4:05 am
just opened it up. that explains the plane noise you heard all last hour. >> so you're feeling the breeze as the studio drives along. very good idea. yeah, it's getting hot out here already. we have a very complicated thermometer here indicating it's about 88 1/2. i think it's probably higher than that. we think it's in the low 90's already and on the national mall, believe it or not, you have people out here that are joggi jogging. they're out here jogging before the crack of dawn. i don't believe we got below the low 80's last night. we'll see how many people show up during the course of the day. during the summer, you have many tourists out here. maybe not so much today. this is a scene repeated through much of the east coast. you have something like 45 states that will have heat indices into the 90's. not much of a respite from the heat until we get to early next week. as far as around here is concerned, you have places you can go. the air & space museum is here, it's obviously air conditioned.
4:06 am
i'll show you the refreshment stand over there. that opens this morning at 9:30 and believe me, the line starts right where i'm standing. back to you guys. >> you'll need it and you'll need a cold drink, doug, thanks so much. check back in with you. >> i hope they have beer. >> can't wait -- >> there you go. >> america's newsroom was telling me to use you, doug, pace yourself. >> before noon. >> we've been asking you to send in your pictures on how you're dealing with the heat so from twitter, viewer laurel sent this of her grandson and his cousin in boise's 97 degree temperatures. they're enjoying their water spouts. >> and this one from texas, grandberry, texas, that is. here's madeleine, adrian, adrianna, erin and michelle keeping cool in the pool. >> that looks great! >> keep them coming on twitter at "fox & friends" and also, please keep your comments coming about steve's suit. exiled many of them and i'll read them later. >> many fans are rocking the
4:07 am
seersucker. >> just nobody that's watching is a fan. i'm sure there's other people. i got to tell you, it looks as though there was a deal cut or almost a deal made because if word leaked out yesterday meeting with the president had agreed to $3 trillion in cuts and no revenue/tax increases. at 5:30, we understand democratic leaders called to the white house at which time they get briefed on this deal, if you can believe the insider reports including our own producers and at which time, democratic leaders hit the roof. focusing on the office of management and budget director saying things to the effect of why are you cutting a deal when you don't have to give in on all these issues? >> exactly right so there is no deal right now. however, there is a deal that the senate is going to consider today. and that is the cut, cap and balance which really was championed by a number of tea party republicans. it passed the house. now, it goes to the senate where harry reid will vote on it today.
4:08 am
and he hates it. >> the american people should understand that this is a bad piece of legislation. perhaps, some of the worst legislation in the history of this country. >> this half baked concoction of ideas that don't hold together, that don't add up. and that would actually further threaten the economic recovery. >> you heard the worst deal -- the worst piece of legislation in the history of the country. and i'm not sure that he's going to allow an actual honest to goodness earnest vote. he's going to vote to table it. meaning to kill it. so before they actually get to say whether they like it or not, harry reid hopes to kill it because he thinks it is allegedly such a bad deal but why not just let everybody vote on it? this was in lieu, by the way, of the saturday vote. if you recall, they were going to be working on saturday but he's going to try to make it happen today and get people to just table it. >> right. tom coburn, senator from the great state of oklahoma said look, if the senate does pass
4:09 am
it, and it winds up on the president's desk, he's going to sign it. that caused this back and forth between he and the president's spokesperson. >> i will bet you a porterhouse steak if it lands on his desk, he'll sign this puppy. >> we would take that bet and i would refrain from heading to the safeway to buy a-1 because the president has clearly vowed to veto a bill if such a bill were to arrive on his desk. >> the bad news for the white house and the senate democrats is there's a new poll out that shows that 66% of the country supports a plan like cut, cap and balance. and there it is right there. and 63% of democrats back a plan like cut, cap and balance. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about something that should concern you. remember the big debate in this country, we decided what do we got to do with these gitmo detainees? are we going to try them in new york city? the average american including senator schumer are outraged and
4:10 am
the big debate of what we're going to do with these high value terrorists. it looks like we're giving them away. yes, this guy's name, you probably don't know him but know what he does. he's a guy that bob bear, one of our premier c.i.a. operatives who george clooney portrayed in a movie says he's one of the worst of the worst. he's got u.s. american blood on his hands. we are about to as early as today turn him over to the iraqis because we don't know what to do with him and can't agree what to do with the high value terrorists. >> right. as you know, politicians are just haggling and completely mired in whether or not, how to try people like this. is it a civilian court? is it some military court? is it all the federal courts way to try it? we've run into this before. so here is a letter that senators have sent to leon panetta. we write you to strongly oppose the reported transfer of an extraordinarily dangerous senior
4:11 am
hezbollah operative from u.s. military custody to the government of iraq. we believe such a transfer puts in jeopardy the safety of our troops. >> remember on january 20, 2007, this guy evidently designed -- they found it on the computer hard drive this whole operation where four americans were killed and brutally beaten and tortured at which time we said we're going to get to the bottom of this. our guys risked his lives to bring him to justice. he pretended to be deaf and dumb for a while and we got him to confess and we found this computer stuff. if you put him back out, all experts agree he kills again. >> one worry if they release him back to the iraqis, he'll get out. >> of course. >> and iran sponsored the entire thing as they do with hezbollah. >> meanwhile, straight ahead on this telecast on friday, the department of homeland security blowing the whistle on a new terror threat. white man from the middle class. that's the latest lesson. just more political correctness, perhaps, run amok?
4:12 am
we will report and you will decide. >> then, can president obama be re-elected just for trying? well, he thinks so. we'll ask our political panel, will voters -- is that enough for voters or do they actually need a job? >> that's our political panel. >> good. they're having some barbecue and waiting for michael. can't wait. they'll come in next. [ sniffs ] bacon?!
4:13 am
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4:15 am
persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. get back to the things that matter most. good job girls. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. >> president obama pinning his re-election chances on whether voters believed that he's on their side. >> if next november they feel like i've been on their side and i've been working as hard as i can and have been getting some things done to move us in the right direction, i'll win. if they don't, then i'll lose. >> is that really the ee quakes? well, our political panel reacts this morning. guy benson, political director
4:16 am
of town hall. president of the committee of a responsible budget and no labels advisor and attorney liz manderono, thanks for being here, guys. i want to start with you, is it that simple that voters want to feel the president on their side? >> i think it's a bit of an oversimplification but what i think obama is trying to say he's thinking long term strategy as opposed to tactical and i think that's what the republicans are doing right now. they're thinking tactics but we know that voters like the president, but isn't -- aren't elections about results? >> i think elections are about results and the biggest deal right now is going to be how the economy is performing. and there's a strange thing in politics which is we always hold the commander in chief responsible for how the economy is performing and there's not that much that the president can do. the bottom line is this is going to be a tough economic recovery. whatever government policies are put in place and the president will be held accountable but i won't say that the economy's performance will be directly related to what he does or doesn't do it. so -- >> even if it's not his fault,
4:17 am
still the buck stops there. no pun intended, guy. i mean, isn't that what -- won't voters be voting with their pocketbooks as they so often do? >> absolutely and this president said give me this economy. i want it. hold me accountable and the american people will. 9.2% unemployment. two million fewer people at work today. $4 trillion added to the debt. the record speaks for itself. >> let me show you this recent poll that talks about this issue directly. has the president made the economy better or worse? better, only 34% say. worse, 49% say. liz, is this what it comes down to? >> it comes down to that but comes down to a negative approval ratings for congress that are even worse for the president right now. they're blaming bowe the president and congress. >> that's fine but he's not running against congress. he will be running against a republican who may be able to make the case that they could make the economy stronger, maya. >> there's going to be one big factor that's still to be decided and that is what kind of deal happens on the debt ceiling so the big debt deal that's
4:18 am
about to either happen or not happen in the coming weeks and months, i think, is going to be a big part of how well the president performed in putting the economy back on the right course and again, i'd like to say, we're not going to see some great jump-up in employment. that's going to take a long time but putting us right on the back track will be critical for him. >> i think liz previewed what the democrats and the president's strategy will be for re-election which is he can't run on his record. we've just outlined his record. it's not pretty. he'll run a very negative campaign to try to drag down his opponent and republicans need to brace themselves for that. >> i don't think they're going to have a negative campaign. they're doing a fine job on their own. >> we'll talk more about this after the break including what rush limbaugh has just said. that is the republicans should not give in on any debt deal. >> i have been asking the republicans in the house and in the senate, don't cave! >> is that what republicans in congress were elected to do? not cave? we report, you decide on that. then a heist you have to see to
4:19 am
believe. women raid the liquor store by tucking the bottles in their skirt. almost tastes like one of jack's als.
4:20 am
4:21 am
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4:22 am
ra atime now for news by the numbers, first $157 billion. that's how much greece is getting from the e.u. to prevent bankruptcy. greece's finance minister promises even more austerity. next, $1.3 billion gone.
4:23 am
that's how much you lost when the government sold your shares in chrysler. that was smart. and $147,000. that's casey anthony's legal bill so far. ali, over to you. >> thanks, steve. as pressure builds for president obama and house republicans to compromise on the debt limit before the august 2nd deadline, radio talk show host rush limbaugh says the g.o.p. should stick to its guns. >> winners do not compromise! which is why i have been asking the republicans in the house and in the senate, don't cave! you are the winners! you hold the cards. >> is refusing to compromise the right strategy? we're back with our political panel. what do you think about rush's logic, liz? >> i think he's telling charlie sheen, i disagree with it. and, you know, the elections last november is a couple of political lifetimes ago. i think it's a ridiculous stance to take and i think compromise
4:24 am
is a beautiful thing and, of course, it's a necessary thing. how people characterize the compromise afterwards is going to say who the actual winners are. but -- >> what do you think, liz? i mean, obviously, rush's point is they won the midterms. they can stick to their guns. >> well, i think you're going to have to compromise because what we're talking about here is putting in place really tough policies to deal with our deficits and debt and those are going to include a lot of spending reductions on areas that no political party should want to do on their own so over time, we'll have to reform medicare, reform social security as part of this debt ceiling deal where we'll put those on the table in all likelihood. neither party should look at that and say i'm not going to compromise and take this on on my own. that would be politically damaging as well as not the right way to come to the policy. compromise is key especially when it comes to the hard things that we have to do. >> true to form, the women on the panel want to compromise. how about you? >> i don't think the american people necessarily care who wins or loses politically in terms of which party comes out on top
4:25 am
here. the public wants the problem to get fixed and that requires leadership. the public wants leadership and what we've seen from republicans is two specific legislative plans, the paul ryan budget and cut, cap and balance to fix the problem. what we've seen from democrats is crickets. nothing. >> is leadership synonymous with no compromise? you put out your plan and take it or leave it? >> not necessarily. but in order to reach some sort of compromise that most people can deal with, you have to put specific plans on the table, republicans have done that. democrats and the president have not. in fact, the senate controlled by democrats hasn't even tried to offer a budget in over two years. that's kind of pitiful. >> go ahead. >> i think he's right and if you take paul ryan's budget as an example, that's exactly right. that he came up with a detailed budget plan and has been waiting for alternatives to be put on the table and then we can kind of work out the details. recently, the gang of six put more of a compromise plan on the table and i think things like that are very important to move the discussion forward.
4:26 am
you put out different ideas and take the best of all of them and come up with a plan. >> thanks so much for coming in for this political debate. we appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you. >> the department of homeland security is warning you about a new terror threat. white men from the middle class. how worried should we be about them? and why are they -- why is this making minorities mad? is that what they're really worried about? and then one of the largest christian groups in the country hoping to boost their membership by dropping christ from their name. so what do the real christians think about that? that reaction is straight ahead. and don't go anywhere. coming up live on the "fox & friends" all american summer concert series.
4:27 am
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4:30 am
>> your shot of the morning looks something like this. most monkeys like bananas. but this one likes apples. watch. >> apple iphone. yep, you're looking at nala, a baby monkey playing video games on her iphone and like most
4:31 am
gamers, nala becomes addicted. >> there's an app for that. >> here she is a couple of days later playing the same game in the same outfit. but this time, she's got company. >> back off! >> the family's pet poodle evidently thinks she tastes great. the cat says less filling. miss millie comes over to give nala a little bit of love but nala just pushed her away and keeps on playing. >> what is the monkey sitting on? >> a stuffed animal. >> oh! >> scratching. >> she's adorable. >> when you watch the animal kingdom shows, they have to take days to get this kind of interaction. >> exactly. here it is just happening in people's homes. >> i really need a color commentator. i was able to tell you what's happening but not add the color. the next time we do this, we're doing it in a way that we have a sideline reporter. >> three people on a couch to do it. let's talk about this, the department of homeland security has a new promotional video out that is trying to show what sort
4:32 am
of evil lurks around the corner. and do you think this is interesting? in this, terrorists are depicted as middle class white men. >> hey, wait a second. >> take a look. >> specific terrorist threats and related crime while respecting privacy and civil liberty safeguards. >> the video also has most people, you know, they pushed their whole thing, see something, say something and it costs about $10 million to put this promotion together. all the people that see something happened to be asian black and another minority or hispanic and all the bad people are all the white guys. >> you think that political correctness played any role? or just -- >> why jump to conclusions like that? how dare you? >> they're trying to heighten all of our awareness of suspicious activity. that could be valuable but the casting has raised some eyebrows about whether or not this is
4:33 am
just political correctness or not. >> stop thinking that way. the department of homeland security has issued a statement that there were no -- there were no racial or political correctness overtones. >> i feel better then. i feel much better. >> you will feel better about this. there's a new pugh poll that shows how muslims in the middle east see 9/11. very differently than how americans see 9/11. they were asked who carried out the attacks. >> yeah. >> not a hard question, is it? >> no. >> not for us. here's the results of the new pugh poll and the majority of the muslims in middle eastern countries don't think that 9/11 was carried out by arabs. as you can see right there, don't believe. 60. only -- less than a third, less than 3 in 10 believe that it was carried out by muslims. this is muslims in lebanon. they polled people in egypt, turkey, the palestinian territories, jordan, lebanon,
4:34 am
israel, indonesia and pakistan. interestingly enough, 75% of people in egypt said arabs not responsible for 9/11. >> should we cue up some bin laden tapes where he's admitting the entire thing or khali shaikh mohammed talking about how the plot was put together or the video confessions of those suicide -- of the suicide terrorists before they died? i mean, would that help? that's not even a tough question. >> it isn't a tough question. >> yet the disconnect continues to be there. we always hear that, it makes no sense obviously to us here. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. >> we will indeed. defense lawyers plan to present an insanity defense today in the arkansas murder trial of abdul akim muhammad accused of killing one soldier and wounding another outside an army recruiting station in little rock. muhammad insists he's not insane and claims his actions were justified by the quran. >> a texas man who was kidnapped has been found dead in mexico.
4:35 am
police say he was murdered after his family could not pay a $10,000 ransom. he worked as a federal court interpreter in el paso and was kidnapped after bringing his car into mexico for repairs. the f.b.i. is now investigating this. >> ok. an american blogger stumbles in on an apple store in cumming, china. did i say that right? i hope so. it turns out it's a fake apple store. the ripoff was so good that even employees think they work for the real deal. but the store has signs with words like apple store and it should be the first clue to customers it's a sham because those words don't ever appear in real apple stores. it's just not like the chinese to knock us off. >> yeah, that's not piracy. >> one of the country's top christian ministries is taking christ out of their christian name. campus crusade for christ international says it's changing its name to simply cru, c-r-u next year to help recruitment. they say some people might be
4:36 am
turned off by an overtly christian name. the group says "the u.s. ministry hopes the new name will overcome existing barriers and perceptions inherent in the original name." well, you've weighed in on this. chuck in new york says campus crusade for christ is taking the wrong tack on this. they should rather be more boldly professing their title instead of retreating from it and rachel from georgia says i would strongly urge my kids to stay as far away from any organization that calls themselves christian but denied the christ part. >> we're getting a lot of e-mails about that story. all right, talk about skirting justice. police in broward county, florida, looking for these two women who were caught on surveillance videos stealing bottles of booze by hiding them in their skirts. they got away from four bottles in all and had very expensive tastes swiping more than $400 worth of champagne. the owner says the same thing happened at his store last year. but police are not sure if the same upskirt bandits were
4:37 am
responsible. something tells me the police will find them soon. >> yeah. >> it's hard to run with a bottle of champagne in your skirt. as i can tell you. >> are you speaking from experience? >> that's correct. >> good to know. thanks, ali. finally, an item for tv newser. meanwhile, let's take a look. current readings, it's already hot across much of the country. laguardia, 85 degrees. 83 in kansas city. it's going to warm up. let's take a look. today's daytime highs, keep in mind this will be -- these two days, today and tomorrow, the two hottest days in the united states, consecutive days, since 1950. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's going to be 100 today in new york and raleigh and kansas city and dallas as well and the heat index is going to feel much hotter. put in perspective, today, we're on par with the temperatures we've been showing you in afghanistan where they routinely have temperatures like this this time of year but take a look at basra today. 114 in the shade.
4:38 am
and while we're wearing t-shirts and shorts, they are in full battle gear. meanwhile, let's take a look. some viewers have weighed in on how they keep cool. katie says she chills with the penguins at the newport kentucky aquarium. how do they let her in there? this is how the beck family stays cool in virginia beach, a little ice cream in the pool. and the cool thing about that is you don't have to worry about the drips. >> that looks good. all right, meanwhile, brian is outside. let's go see what he's cooking up. >> cooking. >> i don't know if you heard, alisyn, what i'm cooking up is michael frantti and spearhead is here. does that please anybody in the audience? that's it. michael, welcome to the show. you're one of these musicians wide awake at this hour in the morning. great to see you. congratulations on selling out, this last hit that you had out "the sound of sunshine" has sold, what, two million copies. >> yes. actually, "say hey i love you"
4:39 am
which is the song before that. surprise for us. we were in the middle of really wrapping up that conclusion of that album and it had been out for a year and then some stations in, i think, green bay, wisconsin started playing it and it suddenly became this huge hit and really grateful. >> you're going to be playing it a little bit later. as you wrote the song, i find it fascinating. you helped write the song going around playing different verses and seeing the club's reaction? >> i travel all around the world and play on the street a lot and i was playing in jamaica and playing in brazil and i would see the way people responded to the song and then kind of changed the lyrics up to keep it easy for people in other countries who don't speak english to sing along to it. >> right. and, of course, you liked it and how you named the song i find fascinating. did it help you to have your appendix burst? did that help give you the motivation to write it? excuse me to name it? >> any time you have a life threatening injury happen, you appreciate everything and that's what happened to me and my appendix burst and when i came
4:40 am
back from it, i wanted to write songs that were uplifting for people that made people feel like they could get through difficult times in the economy, difficult times in their lives, war, all the things that we see on the news every day. it's a hard time for people and i wanted to make music that inspired people. >> it certainly has and you also are selling a few copies along the way. michael didn't get dressed quick and forget to wear his shoes. there's a reason. the only time you'll ever wear shoes is flip-flops going to the airport. why? >> well, i started playing music in countries where kids couldn't afford shoes so i take off my shoes and walk around with them and i decided to go for three days to see what it would be like to not be able to afford shoes and after three days, i went for a week and now it's been 11 years that i've been barefoot. we partner with this organization called soles for souls and they collect shoes for people in natural disasters like in new orleans or haiti and japan and they also collect shoes for the 300 million children around the world who have never owned a pair of shoes
4:41 am
before. >> now, you're also written children's books and award winning documentary and went around and visited our troops overseas. you are probably the perfect guy for our show and the song, of course, is a huge hit and you'll be playing it in a short time, right? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and throughout the morning. michael franti, ladies and gentlemen, here for you in 120 degree temperatures and it seems like central park only with artificial turf. back to you guys in the studio. thanks, michael. >> that's great. >> today could be the day that you break out your clarinet. you could actually join him. >> michael, what about me joining you on the clarinet? would i have a role in the band? >> i'd love that, man. >> shame i didn't bring it. >> take off your shoes! >> thanks for that suggestion. we'll look forward to that, brian. coming up, many democrats looking for any excuse to crack down on gun rights. but what about democratic congressman leonard boswell? thugs stormed his house and a shotgun saved his life. he's here live to explain that. >> and are you buying a grill? one thing that doesn't come in the instructions, legal advice.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>> right now, a woman is in critical condition after she was rescued on a florida highway during this morning's rush hour commute. she was trapped under a flipped s. u.v. on the daulphin expressway in the west miami dade area. hackers say they've stolen sensitive information from nato. group known as anonymous says it plans to release more data in the coming days after posting a file on its twitter account. nato is investigating that. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. there's so many things that we do in the summer like grilling
4:46 am
that is so much fun and so tasty. peter johnson jr. says we could end up getting sued. >> you have to protect your guests and protect yourself. there's something called social host liability. if you're the host, you could become the defendant and your cousin could become the plaintiff. let's look at some of the risks. >> of a grill! >> of a grill. ok. >> pay attention. >> beautiful ribs. beautiful chicken. hazardous, propane can be dangerous sometimes. >> it's hot. >> children, charcoal don't mix. so if you're the host, be the host. keep an eye on the grill. if you're going to grill, you do the grilling. don't pass the buck because you may be paying the bucks. >> for instance, if you got a hot grill there and a little kid like that. >> kid jumping up and down. >> it's a lot of fun in the summertime but in 30 states, there's something called dram shop liability where you can be sued if your guest leaves the
4:47 am
house, gets drunk and hurts somebody on the road. you can be sued in at least 30 states as a home owner. >> you have to watch the grill. >> protect yourself. >> landshark has nothing to do with this but the pool does. >> the pool. baby pool. above ground pool, inground pool, danger zone sometimes. you need a fence. you need to warn folks of any dangers with regard to the pool. you need to be careful of people that drinking around the pool. don't have glassware arnold the pool. -- around the pool. a little baby pool like this, this can be a death trap. most pool drownings, most pool accidents involve children and so a pool like this, if it's not being used turn it over. don't leave water in the pool because the little baby could drown like that. >> you don't want that. so many people think it has to be an inground pool. >> i want you off the trampoline! >> trampolines under most home
4:48 am
owner policies are not covered so if a boy or girl or an adult like steve doocy pretending he's a boy gets up on this trampoline and gets hurt, and then sues you as the home owner, you will not be covered under a lot of policies. >> why? >> you know why? because different doctors and pediatric associations have said that this is not a useful tool for children. >> i've got a great big one in our backyard and your children, by the way, have been on it. but i've got the sides on it. >> i didn't give you permission and i might sue you next time. >> looks like our friend but he is ready to sue you at any time. >> it had a fence but be careful with regard to that. important thing is protect your guests, protect yourself, get an excess over umbrella policy that you get for an extra $100 for $200. you don't want to turn the guests into your enemies. they're your friends and families. make it safe. make it cool on this hot day. and don't get sued. claim proof your home in the summer parties.
4:49 am
>> good advice. don't get sued. ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for peter johnson jr. >> thanks. >> all right. ali and brian, what's coming up? >> men on trampolines was a successful series for a long time on cable. we'll see if this is a spin-off series. it seems most democrats would use any excuse to crack down on gun rights. what about democratic congressman leonard boswell? a shotgun may have saved him and his entire family. he's here next. >> first on this day in history in 1998, brandi and monica had the number one hit "the boy is mine." [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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4:52 am
4:53 am
>> this is a scene right out of a horror movie. a family on a secluded farm invaded by a masked gunman. >> but the intruder didn't count on one thing. iowa congressman leonard boswell who leapt into action and wrestled the man to the ground saving his family. good morning, congressman. i bet it's hard to describe the feeling when you saw your daughter in trouble and this guy in your house. >> it was a shocking experience, brian. very concerned for my daughter, had his hand on her throat and a gun in her face. and if he's going to shoot, i want him shooting me. not her. >> what did you do? >> i went after them. i just went after him and we decided that i had to take action and we did. we had quite a little scuffle and in the process, while that was going on, my grandson went to the gun cabinet and was loading his shotgun which i didn't know but i was sure glad when he showed up when he did. >> so he shows up with the gun, they have a gun. how did this -- how did this stand-off solve itself?
4:54 am
>> well, he bolted very wisely, he did. he had a 12-gauge shotgun about four feet from him so he left. and that was -- that ended -- that ended it. >> what a relief. we understand there's been a development now, just in the past couple of days that both of these guys have been arrested. do you know these two? >> i actually don't. i know of them. i know their families a little bit but no, i personally can't say that i know them. >> all right. now, if you're -- you leap to action, congressman, because that's what your gut tells you to do and you made the right move. what would have happened do you think had your grandson not gotten his gun and confronted the gunman? >> well, he and i would have still been at it, i guess. i was still going at it and that stopped it. and he evaded. >> do you have any idea what their motive was? this was a home invasion. what were they looking for? >> i think it was straight -- i think it was a robbery. >> what's the message here for
4:55 am
people who want to take guns away in situations like this and say, when you have a gun, it only makes things worse? >> well, it's an individual decision. i've had guns all my life. i certainly have handled them when i was in the military those several years and i grew up with them and if you treat them safely, why, it's ok. we chose a long time ago to have guns in our house. we're hunters. but we introduced our children to them, emphasized safety and caution and if we do that, why, it's all right. >> how is your daughter doing? >> she's doing well. i've talked to her every day and she's back to work and i'm very proud of her. she's a gritty gal and in fact, i'm proud of both of the women. my wife was very brave as well. i was very proud of her. >> what about your instinct to take action, you know, a lot of people wouldn't have had the courage to do that. but congressman, i also understand you're one of 141
4:56 am
co-sponsors of a proposed national right to carry act of 2011. >> yes, that is true. well, i reacted, i guess, maybe in my background, training, whatever, i faced adversaries before in a different situation in the military and in the war situation so my loved one was in harm and i decided i wanted to do something and so i did. >> well, congressman, thank goodness you sprung into action. obviously, saving your daughter more injury and god knows what else. thanks so much for coming in with your personal story. >> my pleasure and have a good day. >> and two people are now under arrest under suspicion of burglary. thanks so much. great story. meanwhile, straight ahead, dead on arrival. harry reid effectively killing the republicans' budget deal before senators even get a say. what is he afraid of? that it might work? democratic senator claire mccaskel will be here without the dramatic pause. >> and the politician known for
4:57 am
being hotheaded at times, rahm emanuel storms out of an interview. was the reporter out of line? hear what he asked so you can decide. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy.
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before you buy a used car, get a carfax vehicle history report. see accidents and service reported to carfax and a price based on the car's history. free, at thousands of reputable dealers. just say, show me the carfax. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's friday, july 22. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. brace yourself, today will be a triple digit scorcher. 100 million americans are in for dangerous heat, humidity and blackouts today. >> steve: meanwhile, did the president and the speaker just strike a deal? they're staying quiet. the insiders have spoken out and not everyone is coming out of this a winner. >> brian: the hot headed rahm emanuel is back, storming out of an interview claiming the interviewer went too far. we'll play the tape and you can decide who is right in this case. "fox & friends" starts.
5:01 am
♪ make some noise ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: michael franti has to be the most happy people person around. maybe that song sold 2 million copies. i don't know what the write terminology is. >> alisyn: i bought one. it's on my ipod. it's such a catchy tune. >> steve: we watched the movie "valentine's day."
5:02 am
it's used throughout that. he'll be doing some performing. if you're in the neighborhood, 48th and 6th avenue, we know it's hot, come on over 'cause today we're cool. >> alisyn: and barbecue. >> brian: almost an hour left to go. >> alisyn: 11 days until the u.s. defaults on its financial obligations and there is still no debt deal this morning. so the senate, however, is expected to vote, but only vote to kill the house's cut, cap and balance act. >> brian: i have a problem with your premise. there might be a deal. they just won't release the deal. to break up this verbal spat between us on the couch and you out there, mike emmanuel live at the white house. deal or no deal? >> i think a live band here at the white house might help the debt talk negotiations 'cause nothing else has worked so far. it sounds like there may be a rough deal in the works, but first things first, they'll deal with cut, cap and balance, recognizing that if they start
5:03 am
talking about other deals, that may cause house republicans to walk out of any other possible deal. so first things first, they will deal with cut, cap and balance. if it's killed later this morning, then they move to plan b. as for the white house, so far they're saying no deal. here is white house press secretary jay carney. >> there is no deal. we are not close to a deal. we are obviously the president is in discussions with all the leaders of congress as well as other members and exploring the possibility of getting the biggest deal possible, which is a position he has held for a long time now, as you know. >> despite the pitch of no deal, apparently leaders, democratic leaders in congress were not buying it. they were here for an hour and 45 minutes yesterday with the president of the united states, apparently quite angry, feeling like perhaps they had been cut out of a deal if indeed the president and the speaker of the house, john boehner, had worked something out, guys. >> steve: we hear that the
5:04 am
speaker is negotiating with the president. also has to rally support from republicans in the house because you've got those tea party freshmen who will not go for, you know -- they're not crazy about increasing the debt limit at all. >> it's been fascinating this week reaching out to republican lawmakers and all they want to talk about is cut, cap and balance, even though it's not believed to have the votes in the senate. but speaker boehner has had to keep reiterating to the freshmen and some of the tea party members, look, there are grave consequences if the debt limit is breached. he's brought in experts and so yesterday during his press conference, speaker boehner reiterated the warning. take a listen. >> if the united states of america's debt rating gets downgraded, every interest rate in america will go up. it is important for us to act on both fronts. >> another interesting bit of strategy, the senate is in
5:05 am
session this weekend. the house is not. there is some thought that perhaps it would give members a chance to go home to their districts and perhaps get an earful from worried constituents. guys? >> steve: mike emmanuel, at the white house where it's hot today. >> alisyn: such a tough one. obviously the democrats are angry about too many concessions, the tea party is angry about too many concessions. >> steve: mike emmanuel is angry 'cause he has to be outside. >> brian: this is the first day, i remember talking about democrats arguing with democrats because the media has been choosing to focus a lot on republicans arguing with republicans. not yesterday. >> alisyn: we have other news to tell you about. more than 100 million americans are feeling the heat this morning as the worst heat wave in more than a decade continues to smother the country. guess what? it is expected to get worse. temperatures will hang in the triple digits today and throughout the weekend and to make matters worse, cities like chicago and new york are
5:06 am
experiencing rolling blackouts as air conditioners put a major strain on the power grid. we'll have more on the summer scorcher in a live report coming up in about 30 minutes. fox news alert. new video from upstate new york where a tractor-trailer rear-ended a tour bus overnight, sending both vehicles up in flames. the driver of the truck was killed. at least 30 people on the bus were injured, including more than a dozen with serious injuries. the accident happened on interstate 90 near the city of waterloo. the bus operated by far line was going from hamilton, ontario to new york city. earlier this week, another tour bus crashed in upstate new york, leaving two people dead. a killer put to death while cameras captured the execution. andrew deyoung was executed in georgia for murdering his parents and sister back in 1993. his motive was insurance money. the execution was recorded at the request of lawyers in a different case. they're arguing on behalf of another inmate on death row saying the new drug formula is
5:07 am
too painful. a nurse attending last night's execution gave no indication that deyoung experienced any more discomfort than usual. just when you thought it was going to be resolved, the nfl labor situation hits another big snag. >> brian: here we go. after last night's announcement, the nfl owners came out and said, we have great news. we have ratified a new cba and voted to end the lockout. let's go play football! the problem? the players didn't even read it. they never even voted on it. listen. >> hopefully we can all work quickly, expeditiously and get this agreement done. it is time to get back to football. that is what everybody here wants to do. >> brian: it's a ten-year deal. so regardless when it ends, it will be a while before we go through it again. sources say the players want more time to study the last-minute changes. they could vote on the deal later today. the delay means camps won't open on saturday. the hall of fame game has been canceled and now everyone feels
5:08 am
public opinion will put pressure on the players 'cause the owners say, we did what we were supposed to do. get mad at them now. a lot of players need the money, so they might pressure the union. it's a true chess game. >> steve: it is indeed. >> brian: with a game we like to call football. >> steve: it is. let's talk a little bit about this. rahm emanuel once upon a time was chief of staff at the white house after being a congressman from illinois. >> brian: how does the story end, steve? >> steve: i'll tell you what, we'll get to that eventually. we've got to do this set-up first. one of the ways he got to be the mayor of chicago was he said look, if elected, i'm going to fix the schools! he got elected. and now he's got to fix the schools, right? then why is he sending his kids to private schools? yesterday the nbc affiliate in chicago talked to him about that and it wasn't pretty. >> let me break the news to you. my children are not in a public position. the mayor is. and as long as --
5:09 am
>> it's not news where they go to school? >> no, you will do that. you're asking me a values statement, not policy. no, no, you have to appreciate this. my children are not an instrument of me being mayor. my children are my children. >> i have so many more questions. >> i look forward to a future interview. >> alisyn: that's wrong walking out of the interview after doing what we believe was a mind trick on the reporter. >> brian: you mean the long stare where he looked through you? >> alisyn: i don't think he blinked for three hip there is and it reminded us of something we've seen in star wars. >> steve: really? >> let me see your identification. >> you don't need to see his identification. >> we don't need to see his identification. >> he's not the droids you're looking for. he can go about his business. >> you can go about your business. >> move along.
5:10 am
>> move along. move along. >> alisyn: he's like, you can go about your business now and the reporter is like, i can go about my business now. >> steve: rahm emanuel had two ways he could have answered that question. one, like the jedi mind control or he could have said what was on his mind, like chris christie. >> you don't send your children to public schools. you send them to private schools, so i was wondering why you think it's fair to be cutting school funding to public schools. >> yeah, you know what? first off, it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. don't bother me about where i send mine. secondly, i pay $38,000 a year in property taxes for public school system predominantly that my wife and i don't choose to utilize because we believe, we've decided as parents that we believe a religious education should be part of our children's everyday education. so we send our children to parochial school. third, i as governor am responsible for every child in this state, not just my own.
5:11 am
and the decisions that i make are to try to improve the educational opportunities of every child in this state. so with all due respect, it's none of your business. >> steve: it's none of your business, gail. >> alisyn: strategies there. >> brian: haven't we concluded any time someone says with all due respect that you're about to get a very disrespectful statement that follows. >> steve: funny how that work. >> alisyn: if you ask a politician about their children, you get one of those responses. meanwhile, they did more than help students cheat. hundreds of teachers cheated the students out of education. are the teachers to blame here? one of our next guest also point the finger. >> steve: but first, cut, cap and balance about to get shot down in the u.s. senate. but what if it did go up for a vote? what would democratic senator from missouri claire mccaskill do? we'll ask her live next. >> brian: michael franti is performing live all hour, every deserves music and that's the name of that song that he's playing right now.
5:12 am
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>> brian: democrats are on the hill and fuming reportedly after hearing from sources that president obama and house speaker john boehner are close
5:16 am
to a major deal on raising our nation's debt limit and not raising taxes. >> steve: missouri democratic senator claire mccaskill joins us live from washington, d.c good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. >> steve: great to have you. we understand that there has been a revolt, top democrats met yesterday with jack lieu. a lot of members of your party are really upset that apparently in this deal that is being talked about between the speaker and the president, they're not jacking up taxes. >> i don't think it's jacking up taxes. i think it's hard for us to stand by and watch major cuts in medicare while the republicans insist on continuing to write taxpayer checks to big oil, the most profitable corporations in the history of the world. those two just don't compute. and that's why we want to get at the tax code, take some of the goodies out and we have a bipartisan group in the senate now that is going to say, hey, take out the goodies in the tax code, lower taxes for everyone, and take some of that additional revenue and apply it toward the
5:17 am
debt and deficit. >> steve: senator, with all due respect, you voted for the president's health care plan. that trimmed half a trillion dollars out of medicare. >> absolutely, it didn't change medicare benefits. it took a half a billion -- i mean half a trillion dollars out of the profit line of insurance companies on medicare advantage. we were overpaying them for their services because they promised, when we passed it, they'd do it cheaper and instead, they were costing taxpayers more money that was all going to pad their bottom line. so taking that money out was a value for taxpayers. it wasn't cutting the program. >> alisyn: senator, even though we heard the president yesterday and the speaker of the house say there is no deal, it sounds like what you're saying is they could be close not guilty on a deal today. >> it's hard to say. i can't understand why the house has gone home. i don't understand why they won't compromise. >> steve: they've got a bill. they sent you a bill. that's why they're going home. they pass cut, cap and balance.
5:18 am
>> that's a great messaging bill, but it's not realistic and i don't think the american people understand what it means. >> steve: it's not realistic to balance the budget and have an amendment to that effect? >> it is realistic to balance the budget and i support a balanced budget amendment that protects social security and that looks at times of crisis and that also allows some kind of safeguard that we can't continue to cut taxes for the mega wealthy in this country when we have a debt and deficit problem. >> brian: the mega wealthy are paying the majority of taxes for the entire nation and they're the ones that are going to bring out of this and rather than punish them, we should support them. we asked the american people, would you support raising the debt ceiling if it included a balanced budget amendment. 60% of the country were in favor. does that surprise you? >> of course. we need to live within our means. i will support the balanced budget amendment and i've been -- i'm willing to cut, cut, cut. i've been working on cutting for
5:19 am
almost two years now. so it's not a matter of being able to cut the size of the federal government. it's a matter of being responsible and protecting medicare and social security, which the house does not seem to be as interested in. >> alisyn: should senator reid allow an actual vote on this today rather than a vote to table it? should he just allow all of you to weigh in and vote on the balanced budget amendment? >> i think voting to table is the same thing as weighing in, with all due respect. by the way, we've had to go to all these procedural hurdles because for many, many months now, we've not been able to get things up for a vote and up for debate. so the procedural rules have been used by both sides and frankly, it is frustrating. but i think people can assume, if you vote to table something, you don't think it's a good idea for america. >> steve: claire mccaskill, senator from the beautiful state of missouri, thank you very much for joining us on this hot day down in washington. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: hundreds of teachers cheated their own students out of an education. but a lot of people are not
5:20 am
blaming the teachers. they're blaming the test. how does that work. >> steve: then captain america is a dying breed. why aren't more american guys playing american super heros on the big screen? courtney friel to the rescue, but you may not like it. >> what you're holding there, that's all we've got. >> are you finished? [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
5:21 am
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5:23 am
>> steve: welcome back. teachers implicated in a cheating scandal in atlanta have been given a choice: resign and quit or get fired. out of 178 teachers who were caught, only seven have resigned. but who is really being cheated? our next guest says the kids.
5:24 am
the managing director of teaching sector joins us from our dc bureau. bill, this is an embarrassment. what happened was a whole bunch of teachers and principals as well apparently took some standardized test score pages and erased the wrong answers and put in the correct answers so they'd look good. right? >> yeah. it's even worse than that. it wasn't just sort of a one off type of thing. in many schools, they had parties after hours or got together or year after year they changed the scores. this is a conspiracy. nome teachers, but administrators who looked the other way. >> steve: sure. and i understand georgia association of educators told their members don't quit. just don't quit right now. >> in any investigation, there are a lot of allegations and heresay, so i can understand from the perspective of an individual person you want to make sure that there is a fair
5:25 am
process involved. at the same time, this is a terrible situation for the students and families in atlanta and it's important to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible. >> steve: absolutely. but the investigators have got a lot of hard evidence, including a whole bunch of score sheets where you can see that clearly the answers have been changed. here is a statement from the georgia association of educators. they say 99% of our professional stayed true to the tenets of teaching because of their ethics. their efforts should not be tainted by the few who, when due process has run its course, are found to have skirted that process and denied their students a true and complete evaluation of what they have accomplished. ultimately, bill, these teachers, motivated in some cases by getting a bonus or something like that, others to keep their jobs. but ultimately, they're not just cheating the system; they're cheating those kids out of a good education. >> sure.
5:26 am
the whole reason we test students and want to know how well our schools are doing, how well our students are performing, so that we can make the system better, so we can help kids learn better, so we are honest with students and with their families about how well they're doing. and this is deception at the heart of that. >> steve: and is there a possibility that anybody could wind up going to jail over this or is this just one of those things, okay, they caught you red handed, now quit? >> no, this is a really serious investigation and pretty unprecedented across the country. there have been other cheating scandals, but people will likely go to jail. there are going to be a number of dismissals. the teachers union is correct. the overwhelming majority of teachers in our country are ethical and doing incredible work in bad situations. so that's why we want to call out the teachers and to be clear, administrators and people along the way who looked the other way and make sure we get past this. >> steve: bill tucker, we thank
5:27 am
you for joining us live today. >> thank you. >> steve: on the run down on this friday, he fathered a love child with a maid and lied to his wife for 14 years. now arnold adding insult to injury. we will explain. she's not happy. and captain america is a new movie and a dying breed. why aren't more american guys being tapped to play super heros on the silver screen? courtney friel has the answer, but you probably won't like it. plus, michael franti warming up in front of one of our biggest crowds. they've got one of their biggest hits, "hey, hey, hey ." that performance coming up in this hour.
5:28 am
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>> alisyn: if you're just waking up and heading outside, brace yourself. it's going to feel like a very big dog is breathing in your face. >> brian: like clifford, the big red dog. >> steve: that's a good image. >> brian: that's how douglas feels. he's live in the national mall in washington, d.c he had a parka on and long pants and now he's down to shorts and just a shirt. doug, how would you describe the weather right now? >> it's pretty darn hot. i'm just glad you can not smell sweat through the tv because that would not be a pleasant experience. >> brian: i notice how many people are around you. >> exactly. i hadn't really thought about that. you raised a good point. >> steve: do the math, doug. >> that's right. we talked to you guys about an hour and a half ago and you saw people out here running. there is still a handful of people, but no hard core runners left for the most part 'cause the temperature is starting to
5:33 am
rise. our little fancy thermometer here says 105. there is no way that's correct. but that is where we're headed today. we've seen that number increase pretty quickly. i know people in the midwest are thinking, we've been dealing with these temperatures for a while. why do you make a big deal of it now? well, this is really starting to hit major population areas. up and down the east coast, particularly people in urban areas, that particularly get affected by this kind of heat. so this is really going to be a real problem today and there is not much relief in sight. even tonight, overnight lows, mid 80s. that's true through parts of the midwest, but especially up and down the eastern seaboard and a lot of these localities don't have much money left to deal with that. cooling centers and help people out. the ring is stay indoors. that may be why you don't see tourists around or because i simply smell bad. >> steve: let me show you our thermometer. it says 105, but it's not right. >> brian: by the way, my thermometer, 127, that's not right either.
5:34 am
>> alisyn: i like that. >> steve: all right. >> brian: the time was right. >> steve: according to the national weather service, right now at reagan national, which is two miles from where you are, it is 91 degrees. but it feels like 101. >> alisyn: so close. >> steve: let's take a look. it's hot, like a griddle throughout much of the country later on today. already 87 here in new york city. it's one of the hottest spots. in fact, it is the hottest spot. lucky us. today will be hot and tomorrow as well. as you can see, those are the current readings. let's look at what it will be like at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. denver, colorado will have 94, as will albuquerque. phoenix will have 107. dallas and kansas city at about 100. same as raleigh and same as new york. temperatures, as you can see with real feel, are going to be really close to or beyond 100 across -- across a million miles
5:35 am
of america today. >> alisyn: we asked for your pictures about how you're beating the heat. so you can send those in to us. >> brian: we got a couple of them right now. let's take a look and digest them. i imagine people trying to stay cool any way they can. right there, three people in the distance swimming away. >> alisyn: on a beautiful lake. they're tubing. >> steve: from jason of his three-year-old daughter, made, look at that. running through the sprinkler. >> alisyn: we asked you for your thoughts on steve's suit, that you know it's hot when steve busts out the seer sucker suit. he does it once a summer. >> brian: it's gone beyond that. it's beyond commenting. >> steve: you mean the matlock comments? >> brian: they're all fine and dandy and that's an appropriate word. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: but now is it true someone has written a song about your suit? >> alisyn: yes. one of our viewers decided that he would just write a little diddy about steve's suit. here it is.
5:36 am
♪ when i turned on "fox & friends" this friday ♪ ♪ i was blinded by the bright light coming my way ♪ ♪ there is no button on my remote ♪ ♪ to tone down steve's vanilla coat ♪ ♪ i'll watch with my coffee, toast, and sunglasses too ♪ ♪ . >> steve: very nice. thank you. >> alisyn: that was beautiful. the soft music gave it a poetic feel. >> brian: made me want to nod off. >> steve: keep them coming. i can take -- i would say 75% of the country absolutely loves my suit and then there is alisyn. >> alisyn: no, no, i love your suit. i love it. in fact, i revere the suit, as does michael. steve, if your suit was any brighter, you would have to grow a mustache and goatee and start selling chicken. >> steve: for the rest of the program, why don't you call me the colonel? >> brian: that will be fine. >> steve: i need the string tie, though.
5:37 am
>> alisyn: or atticus finch. >> brian: the movie, "captain america "hits theaters today and for once, the super hero is american. something that doesn't really happen very often in hollywood these days. courtney friel, also an american, is here to explain. >> good morning, guys. >> steve: good morning. >> superheros are being outsourced. gone are the days of american action stars like bruce willis, sylvester stallone and chuck norris. lately the roles are going to foreigners. >> steve: what? >> christian bale, who played batman is welsh. ryan reynolds, aka the green lantern is canadian. andrew garfield, british, was cast as spiderman. australia's chris henceworth is thor and henry cooveil will play cureman in 2012. where a all our big and brawny star spangled men? according to one talent executive i spoke with, they're simply not available or allowed to act.
5:38 am
>> there aren't many american macho action-based male leads that i can think of. there's a shortage of them. there certainly is no shortage of movies there would be appropriate for. i think there is a stigma that dissuades some of the folks who would be good action heros from going to acting classes at a young age. >> alisyn: that stick -- >> that stigma that it's cooler to play sports than drama club. he said male actors have been pushed down two separate paths. either the awkward quickie guy role, or the pretty boy lead like robert pattinson, zac efron and ashton kucher. another problem, many had success on cable shows like "mad men" and movie studios don't want the affiliation with the more recognizable role. so we finally have a home-grown superhero, chris evans playing captain america, but that's because the role was restricted to only american actors. plus it took months of casting and the actor said he was
5:39 am
reluctant to do it. he turned down the first couple offers. several countries will not use the title "captain america," although they wouldn't say why or if it was for political reasons. marvel comics and paramount pictures decided to market it in russia, ukraine, and south korea. they do rename movies for distribution every now and then. it's usually for translation purposes they do that. big and brawny men out there, it's now your time to shine. go to lots of opportunities out there. >> brian: the one action hero is the rock. the rock is the guy we can count on. >> alisyn: he's big and brawny. >> and robert downey, junior. have a great weekend, everybody. >> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead, remember those unbiased reporters who covered sarah palin's campaign? one just got a job with the democratic party.
5:40 am
brent bozelle up with this week's media bias. >> alisyn: let's check in with my work husband, dave and clayton for what's coming up tomorrow on "fox & friends." >> i don't know if we're still married. >> i don't know what's going on. you put us outside in the heat. >> we'll talk about that later. coming up this weekend, talk about a campaign headache. congressman michelle bachman suffering from migraines is taking a lot of heat from press. does that make her unfit to be the president of the united states? our medical a team will offer some perspective. >> like my co-host here, rite of passage, you grow up, you play on the monkey bars, you fall off, you break ten bones like you play in a sand box. now there is a movement to get rid of the sand in sand boxes. say it ain't so. we'll break that down for you coming up this weekend. 6:00 a.m. eastern time. but first, this crowd wants to hear some more music this morning. michael franti and spearhead with their song "i'll be waiting." michael, take it away. ♪ the best things in life aren't
5:41 am
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5:45 am
attorneys quit because he refused to defend his own client after learning the gruesome details of that crime. he fathered a love child with the maid and lied to his wife for 14 years. arnold schwarzenegger does not apparently want to give her spousal support or pay her lawyer fees. the couple is worth $400 million and they apparently have no prenup. brian? >> brian: a political reporter who wrote several critical pieces on sarah palin has left journalism for a job with the democratic party over in arizona. is this more proof of political's liberal bias? brent bozelle, i guess it doesn't really surprise you that much, brent, but not many people were listening when you were pointing this out? >> no. it's about as obvious as heat in new york right now. we've been reporting on this for 25 years. there is this ongoing revolving door between journalism and the political left. there is nothing wrong with it from the standpoint that
5:46 am
journalists have to come from somewhere and if they can come from the right, they should be able to come from the left. but the two points that are important are number one, when they come to journalism, they don't leave their biases behind and number two, if they're going to have a bias, they ought to be public about it. you gave an example, jay carney left time magazine, has left and now the white house communications director. elliott spitser, governor of new york, goes to cnn, he didn't last very long. george stephanopoulos working for bill clinton as his communication director, now is the top guy at abc. this is the revolving door that we've been covering and by the way, for every liberal -- every ten liberals, you'll find one conservative. >> brian: andy barr was the person, if you were listening to us. he's the person who left that job. here is what politico said. the organization doesn't worry about someone's personal ideology, so long as it's underd into that his responsibilities
5:47 am
leave that at the door and he did that and had a very good reputation for professionalism. tell that to sarah palin. >> theoretically that's right, but in practice it never works that way. >> brian: i want to talk about ronald reagan. a guy you knew and had a lot to do with who you are today. listen to how the democrats are using him in their ads for their point of view. >> congress consistently brings the government to the edge of default before facing its responsibility. this brinkmanship threatens the holders of government bonds and those who rely on social security and veteran benefits. interest rates would skyrocket. instability would occur in financial markets, and the federal deficit would soar. >> brian: you say that taking him out of context, even though the issue of the debt ceiling was front and center? >> you better believe it. this is despicable. this is typical of a far left today and the harry reid, nancy pelosi machine, and the national news media for not denouncing them. what did he also say in that
5:48 am
very same speech that they're quoting? he said, for those who say more taxes will solve our deficit problem, they are wrong. every time congress increases taxes, the deficit does not decrease. spending increases. another one. ronald reagan was attacking exactly what the democrats are proposing. >> brian: if the republicans are smart, they'll take that section and put that in their ad. brent bozelle, thank you for doing the research and looking at the entire speech. >> thank you. >> brian: from the media research center. next, michael franti and spear head perform their band's brand-new hit that's already sold 2 million copies. now, bill hemmer with what's coming up on his show. >> how are you doing? >> brian: doing good. >> nice to see you. happy friday to you. did you hear the president trying to raise support for raising revenue? >> brian: no. >> bill o'reilly. we'll tell you what that's all
5:49 am
about. 70% of americans want a balanced budget. we'll tell you if that lives or dies in the senate. waiting on john boehner. he'll tell us where republicans are. are there more hidden costs for you in that health care law? the case of that missing mother of triplets has taken a whole new turn. we'll see new 11 minutes on "america's newsroom." as a home, there are things i'm supposed to do. like, keep one of these over your head. well, i wasn't "supposed" to need flood insurance, but i have it.
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>> alisyn: now here is michael franti with the sound of sunshine! ♪ put your hands together y'all ♪ ♪ how you feeling y'all
5:53 am
♪ . >> i wake up in the morning 6:00 o'clock ♪ ♪ the sun is hot ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ aye; aye ♪ aye aye ♪ put your hands together now ♪ i saw my friend bobby and he
5:54 am
said what's up man ♪ ♪ you got a little work or a 20 to lend ♪ ♪ i opened up my hand ♪ he said i'm glad to see they can't take away my job but not my friends ♪ ♪ you see ♪ and here i am just waiting for this storm to pass me by ♪ ♪ and that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ and that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ coming down ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ come on now i want to go where the sun will never end with my guitar on the beach there with all my friends ♪ ♪ the sun so hot and the waves in motion ♪ ♪ and everything smells like suntan lotion ♪ ♪ the ocean and the girls so sweet ♪ ♪ so kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ they say that miracles are never ceasing ♪
5:55 am
♪ every single soul needs a little releasing ♪ ♪ the stereo bumping 'til the sun goes down ♪ ♪ only want to hear that sound ♪ and that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ put your hands together y'all ♪ ♪ you're the one i want to be with ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down ♪ you're the one i want to be with when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ you're the one i want to be with ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down ♪ you're the one i want to be with when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ make some noise ♪ when the sun goes down ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ coming down ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ let me hear you sing it now
5:56 am
♪ that's the sound coming down ♪ everybody sing out now ♪ that's the sound coming down ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> brian: michael franti, you're amazing. you don't he

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